National Poetry Day: Drowsy Substrata

To celebrate National Poetry Day, here is the first poem I wrote that I still like as an adult.

Drowsy Substrata - Megan Kerr

Once upon a thunderstorm
A lightning flash away
Rain promised at the window pane
To take the heat away.
A candle there you brought me
Though the darkness did not flee
Yet it softened at the corners
And in warmth enfolded me.

In a blanket with a candle
At the centre of my heart
All secrets can be naked
In the privacy of dark.
The feelings that lie wordless
Subterranean in my soul
With a flash are in the open
And can still remain as whole.

You can here me talking about the poem and reading it aloud here, at 07:07 mins. The picture is an interpretation of the poem in watercolours by Lin Kerr of Limetrees Studio.